Education & Outreach

In 2018, the Center reached almost 2,000 people

With our education and outreach programming.

Support from the Department of Housing and Urban Development allows the Center to facilitate community education programming and invest in outreach to constituents likely to face housing discrimination.

Discriminatory policies create and maintain our segregated neighborhoods in Connecticut, which is one of the most racially segregated states in the country. Educational programming that shares our discriminatory past with community leaders, stakeholders, and policy makers is designed so that failures of the past are not repeated in today’s decisions. Community education also provides an opportunity to share the stories often silenced in our collective conscious.


We Investigate the Effects of

Historic Discriminatory Policy

An entire neighborhood was leveled in the name of slum clearance. The neighborhood, Winthrop Cove, was a predominantly African American neighborhood and over 600 families were displaced. The Center researched the Winthrop Cove Urban Renewal project and hosted a free walking tour of the former neighborhood for community members.

Over 70 people attended to learn about New London’s discriminatory past, and a conversation erupted after the event sparking dialogue to include local African American history in New London’s schools, and how to support development for the residents of the city. The walking tour was created in partnership with New London Landmarks, LLC and with additional funding from Connecticut Humanities.

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One of the challenges we face with public events is recreating the work for anyone else who misses our programs. With help from CT Data we have been able to digitize our fair housing tours. Please visit our website to view the fair housing history tour of Hartford, and the Winthrop Cove Urban Renewal tour of New London!

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